1654 McFarland Creek Road
Tompkinsville, KY 42167
(931) 397-5293
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Where is McFarland?

WalkaboutMcFarland Creek Outdoors is located in the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee and stretches across the state line into Kentucky.

The nearest town to McFarland Creek is Celina, Tennessee. We also closely identify with the nearby village of Moss, where we have several sister companies.  We’ve been asked many times, “Where in the world is Moss, Tennessee?”  We’ll, it’s kinda out in the middle of nowhere, but that’s what you’re after when you’re hunting trophy whitetail, right?

McFarland Creek Outdoors is really not that far off the beaten path. We’re located between Nashville and Knoxville, being a little bit closer to the Country Music Capital of the World.  You can drive to either Interstate 40 or Interstate 65 in about an hour.  To find out more about our location and other things in the area, visit our THINGS TO DO page.

Wherever you’re coming from, we’re easy to find, and we’ll make sure you get here the easiest way possible.  When you get here, you’ll see that McFarland Creek has some of the greatest scenery around.  You’ll see everything from bottom land to high peaks.  You can check out our PHOTOS/VIDEO page to visit McFarland a bit even before you get here.  You will also see some fine whitetail specimen there, too.

When you get to McFarland Creek, not only will you enjoy your hunting experience, you’ll get to see some of God’s beautiful creation in the process.

For directions to McFarland Creek, click HERE.

The "swimmin' hole" at McFarland Creek Outdoors.

The “swimmin’ hole” at McFarland Creek Outdoors.